A particularly demanding sector where, the increased likelihood of infestations, structural particularities and the need for immediate tailor-made solutions, coupled with international coverage are only some of the elements that combine to make this sector idiosyncratic in relation to pest management.

In an enclosed environment of a ship, conditions favour these organisms jeopardising health of any person onboard. This situation is magnified during long periods of sail where there is no possibility of immediate intervention treatment. More important however may be the risk of pest transportation to new environments, where they did not previously exist, with the likelihood of natural balance disturbance and disease transmission. A typical example is the transportation of mosquitoes which transmit malaria.

Defon started its journey in 1961 by catering to the needs of the shipping industry and continues to this day by providing its services worldwide with an effective task force in virtually any port where there is a demand and for as long as required. With the experience gained through this association, combined with the latest knowledge, the company developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system that can meet the challenges of this sector. Defon’s specialised team, always alert and ready, provide services by adjusting to the needs of the client and coordinating with other onboard activities. As a result, health safety of all crew and passengers, along with the integrity of the merchandise is ensured in cargo ships, cruise liners, yachts, etc.