Premises in Operation

“It’s Never Too Late to Fix a Problem!”

Defon’s experienced scientists offer guidance, providing solutions to problems relating to the need for improved security against pests on operating premises.

With the challenge of aggravated cases related to “aged” premises and entrenched bad practices, clients are supported via real and feasible solutions. However difficult the case may be, the necessary interventions are suggested and best practices are recommended. Even in well organized facilities there is always room for improvement regarding the conditions which render them not susceptible to infestations. In each case, the setup of a tailor made IPM system, backed up with periodic auditing, education and training of client’s staff, by Defon, will set new standards and correct bad practices.

The combination of premise improvements in conjunction with an effective system in place, along with the avoidance of infestations, ultimately leads to savings.

Examples of problems that occur due to the aging of premises and improper practices
  • Wrong hygiene practices

    Getting used to a situation leads to acceptance. Organic matter accumulation in hard to reach places over time constitutes a characteristic situation. Its removal is often not regarded imperative by the people in charge whilst it is considered as part of the overall "aging" of premises.

  • Degradation of premises and/or inappropriate facilities

    Older premises "suffer" from "'injuries caused over time, such as damaged walls, rotten and old drains, gaps around pipes, broken kitchen tiling, etc. enabling the establishment of pests. Health regulated establishments which operate in facilities that were not designed for such use, often present major problems that become established without the appropriate modifications.

  • Improper storage

    With the mindset to gain usable space, pallets and other items are often stored improperly favoring pest infestations and blocking access for inspection and cleaning. Similar problems are observed were there is an accumulation of useless objects.

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Recommendations for problem solutions
Recommendations for problem solutions