Premises Under Construction and Under Renovation

“Prevention is always better than a cure!”

With this principle in mind and with Defon’s decades of expertise, under construction and under renovation premises can be better organized and secured against pests.

The company’s scientists identify “weak points” of such premises, therefore, conditions that are likely to encourage pest infestations can be foreseen and/or detected early and addressed. This may result in significant savings and avoidance of problems in the future.

Consultancy regarding new facilities is advised to start as early as at the drawing board stage of development. For example, to better avoid termite infestations, it is appropriate that treatments are applied prior to the construction of the concrete base.

Examples of potential pest hazards
  • Infestations initiating whilst work-in-progress

    Premises under construction or under renovation are at their most vulnerable. Pests can enter through openings (doors, windows, etc.), exposed insulation between walls, open ventilation voids, gaps around pipes, etc.

    Under these circumstances, many pests can be of concern. Amongst them, rodents are of a particular concern. Construction activity can disturb those who live in the surrounding area, causing them to seek harbourage within the premises and gnaw pipes or even wires, which amongst others, can create a fire hazard.

    Rodents may also get trapped and sealed inside voids and cavities (e.g. in false ceilings, between panels, under floors, etc.) where they will die and decompose, giving rise to bad odours and health hazards. Removing the carcasses, can be a very or extremely difficult and costly procedure.

  • Infestation as a result of the general untidiness whilst work-in-progress

    Disorderly stacked objects and tools, can often provide harborage to pests. In addition, waste (eg bags of cement, rubble etc.) can be utilised as a habitat.

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