Equipment, Machinery & Fixtures

When installing equipment, machinery and fixtures, manufacturers often focus on ergonomics and aesthetics. Sometimes, the importance of proper design and accessibility, that would ease inspection and cleaning in "sensitive" areas, internally and around the exterior, is ignored. Defon’s scientists focus on this very issue and in cooperation with the manufacturers prevent these problems from arising or, if called later, they identify "sensitive" spots and propose solutions retrospectively.

Examples of infestation favored by poor accessibility and improper cleaning
  • Bar areas

    Because of the need for frequent renovation work, stylish but makeshift constructions, are usually observed. Poorly assembled, makeshift and badly positioned cupboards, workbenches and fitted appliances which are installed without proper planning, ovens and refrigerators without the ability to be moved, are just a few examples. The result of all these is the inability to correctly clean and inspect, so food and drink accumulate in "sensitive" spots, often favoring pest infestations such as cockroaches and species of the Genus Drosophila.

  • Bakery Ovens

    These sometimes offer no access for cleaning (e.g. within cavities or between attachments). Debris from food, etc. may accumulate in inaccessible places providing abundant food and ideal breeding environments for numerous pests, such as many Stored Product Insects.

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Recommendations for problem solutions
Recommendations for problem solutions